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Veronika Shteynberg


Was born in Ukraine - and into a culture with a strong orientation to classical Ballet. She began formal studies when she was 7, and later studied at the Choreographic Institute in Donetsk until she was 17, subsequently working professionally at Donetsk Theatre of Opera & Ballet.

With her professional ballet background, Veronika became very interested in barre style fitness classes when she first arrived in the US in 2008, and recognized what a great benefit this full body workout could be for dancers, especially those recovering from injuries, and for non-dancers as well!  She became a certified instructor in 2009. 

Veronika is also the founder and artistic director of Delray Beach School of Dance.

Our Teachers

Vieris Hernandez


Vierris is an outstanding practitioner of ballet and various fitness modalities.  In addition she is a certified Physical Therapist and brings a deep and practical knowledge of body mechanics to her work as an instructor which will maximize the benefits of the Barre Fit Beauty technique, and keep you safe! Barre Fit Beauty is lucky to have her; Vieris is also a teacher with Delray Beach School of Dance and has shown an extraordinary level of discipline and commitment to her work as a ballet dancer.

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